Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 2 - Leaving the MTC

Holy cow. SO last week I had no emails, and this week I had 38. So shout out to everyone 'cause you guys rock and I definitely don't have to time to reply to everyone but I will write you back eventually!! So this computer's enter button doesn't work and it's super annoying.

Anyway, last Thursday we went to the Hamilton temple. It was about a 2 hour drive and it's out in the middle of the country. I think Hamilton is all country so that's gonna be cool. Sorry Megan, I haven't seen any sheep yet but I have seen lots of cows and bulls. The temple is super small but really simple and pretty and it's on a huge hill, so that's cool. I was so happy to go because it was a break from class and the prison that is the MTC. But, the Spirit is so strong in the temple!!
I'm writing today because we leave tomorrow morning early and yesterday we had a day long workshop. FUN FACT: My teacher, Brother Armstrong, who served in Carlsbad, actually served in Sierra Hansen's ward for the last part of his mission and so knows her family super well. Small world! I love him as a teacher because he pushes us so hard and really makes us think. Who knew that a question as simple as "what is a need?" could stump seven missionaries for four whole days. Seriously ridiculous. By the way, a need is something someone is lacking that they ABSOLUTELY DESIRE. I guess a need really IS a want, Mom. ;) 

So funny story time: there was root beer in the vending machine and my comp is from NewZealand but they don't like it here, I guess. She'd never tried it, so I bought it and let her have some and she spat it out all over our room and said it tasted like mouthwash. What the heck?? She is misguided. Blair, the ketchup here is not ketchup, it's "tomato sauce" and it tastes sweet. So pretty much it's the most disappointing thing ever. Update on the food, I've become friends with the cook and he only gives me the foods that don't make me gag, so that's progress, and the ice cream here is actually amazing. My comp says the ice cream in New Zealand is all like that so I'm super excited to eat tons of that, and that's how I'll be okay with getting fat. 

So I had to go out into the real world to get my flu shot with two other missionaries and our driver. It was this hole in the wall "hospital" that was super unsanitary and had posters advertising the support for mothers to breastfeed in public without shame. Yeah. The lady who gave me the shot never washed her hands, didn't have gloves, didn't sanitize my arm, and there was no lid on the needle. So pretty much I might die. I love you all. JK. But really, the real world was a little bit of a shock - haha. 

Another funny story: On Sunday we had a fireside and one of the Samoan sisters went up to speak. (Background: when we are all together the Samoan missionaries have headsets for translation
because they aren't learning English.) So she starts her talk speaking in Samoan and the translator (one of my teachers, brother Poutoa aka The Man) gets out of the trans booth and gets a microphone to start translating in English. It takes about five minutes to get that all set up and the sister just waits patiently at the podium. Then she tells us her name and where she's from in Samoan and the translator says it in English. Then she just starts speaking perfect English like it's not even a big deal and the translator just throws his hands up and everyone starts laughing. It doesn't sound that funny when I write it out, but let me tell you, I was cracking up through her whole talk, flaring nostrils and all. That sister is just hilarious though. Then she whistled a cat call to herself as she walked back to her seat because apparently she thought she killed it! It wasn't spiritual at all, but just funny. 

Anyway, I have to get off now but I'll reply to everyone next week! Oh my comp is going to Melbourne Australia, Mom, and she sings like an angel. Honestly, she sounds like Adele and is probably the best singer I've heard in a normal nonceleb person. But the constant singing is still not my fav. But I really love her and I'm going to miss her!! Gotta go! The church is true and the Spirit is so strong here! I loved the MTC but I'm so excited to get out in the field!!!
Sister Machen        

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