Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 6 - New Car!

Kia Ora,

So as it indicates in the subject line, we got a new car yesterday. Yep, cruisin' along the beach in a super flash 2013 Corolla now. You can all be jealous. Just kidding; we just had the oldest car in the area though so we got upgraded cause my comp is the Sister Training leader and we have exchanges every week (yuck) so we have to drive all over the area. But this week I got to stay with Sister Inia in our area and another sister came here and that was good cause I got to talk to people way more than usual and we walked all day so that was really nice. But the other comp took the keys to our flat with her like an hour away so we were locked out and that was awful because the the ZLs (Zone Leaders) didn't answer their phone so we had to drive all the way to their flat to get the spare key. Dumb. It's been warming up a little here but today it has just been pouring, so not fun. I'm still not tired of the rain yet cause it makes the sky super cool. 

Anyway, we had interviews with president this week so we met as a zone and we got a new senior couple too. They're the Gessels and they're from Sandy. They live in Grandpa Corey's stake and he actually gave all their kids patriarchal blessings. And then I asked if they knew Grandma and she said she had worked with her in Relief Society and she started saying all these nice things about her and I straight up started crying, right there in front of the whole zone. Pretty much the most embarrassing thing ever especially cause my comps looked at me like I was crazy. Literally the first time they've seen me cry and it's gonna be the last. Yuck. But that was really cool and interviews were good! My mission president is awesome, super inspired. And Sister Rudd is the BOMB. She was asking me and my comp how she should cut and color her hair and she reminded me so much of you, mom, haha. 

Everything is going great, I love the Samoan families and I'm getting really comfortable with all of them. We wore pulatasis (see pics to one of our investigator's house for a lesson and they were all super pumped. Also, chop suey and pig head are not my favorite. The little pig head eyeballs just stare at you the whole time you're eating it. Yuck. But cocoa samoa is the bomb now, only if it's made right. 

Anyway, I'm working on humility this transfer as my Christlike attribute but it's cool because I actually gave a talk on that this Sunday at church. One thing that was interesting to me was how different the world's definition of humility is from the gospel definition. The world defines it as being conscious of one's failings, and being unimportant. But then in reality, it's not weakness, timidity or fear, rather an indication of strength. Anyway, just something interesting. Read the Book of Mormon, it's gold. 

Love you all heaps,
Sister Machen

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