Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 7 - Miracles

Hey hey,

This week summed up is that it's so important to follow the spirit so you can be at the right place at the right time. Twice this week we went to investigators' houses that we hadn't planned to at the time and we were able to help out in small scale emergencies. The first, we had gone to their house and they weren't home so we left to visit a Samoan family that usually makes us stay and eat for ages. Instead of doing that, we felt we should just drop off their Book of Mormon and go back to the other family's street. So we did and as we pulled past that first family's house, the son was outside and waved to us. So we stopped and he said that their dog had just gotten out and was hit by a car. So we got there just in time to open up their gate and control the other dog so their dad could pull in and we could help unload the other three kids before he pulled out again to go to the vet. The dog was actually in bad shape and they love their dogs here, so we were able to help them get all sorted out and whatnot. It wasn't a big deal at all but they were super grateful and wouldn't stop thanking us for being there right at that time. 
The next time, we went to that family's cousin's house and the mom is single and super stressed so we were talking about priesthood blessing and asking her if that was something she and her oldest son would both like to get. (He was leaving for a week for rugby and was sick.) So they both said yes and the son went to take a shower and then started cramping up super bad and then had a fit type thing and started yelling out to his mom. So we called the ambulance and helped get the other two kids to stop screaming. The cramping thing actually turned out to be a really serious genetic disease and his muscles are getting weak really fast. We went to the hospital to see them on Saturday and they both got blessings. It was a super cool experience because his blessing was all about how he is going to be a really important tool in building up the Lord's kingdom on the Earth. SO, pretty much he's gonna get better, get baptized, and become a missionary. I have gained a greater appreciation for the priesthood and for having it in my home growing up. It's SO important to have a priesthood holder in the home. SO, shout out to my awesome Dad. 

Anyway, the food is growing on me, and I'm really trying not to get fat. I ran on the beach this morning and it was super pretty but we didn't stay long cause my comp was dying haha. But we eat sooo much bread!! It's bad. Toast with everything at every house we go to. It's an islander thing. 

This week was awesome. I love you all!

Sister Machen

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