Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Week 10 - Go to Church!

Hey hey hey,

This week was weird because we had to drive up to Hamilton for meetings and then we had zone conference and other STL (Sister Training Leader)  duties to attend to so it didn't feel that productive. The drive up to Hamilton is super pretty and you drive along the coast and through this crazy awesome gorge that makes you feel like you're in Jurassic Park. Basically, it's the prettiest thing I've ever experienced. But I got to be back in a trio with Sister Inia and her full Samoan comp while Sister Pagofie was in meetings with all the Zone Leaders and President. It was a cool experience though because we just contacted all day and knocked doors and we never do that in my area cause it's not effective. But it was nice to be back with Sister Inia and cool to see how different areas can be. We're actually driving back up to Hamilton after emails because WE"RE GOING TO THE TEMPLE!!!! I'm very excited. The whole zone is driving up and we're going with two other zones tomorrow morning and I'll get to see some of the missionaries I came in with. Pretty cool.

So that lady I wrote about last week finally died on Saturday. It sounds insensitive but it's really better this way. We went to visit her the night before and sang her family some songs but man life is so short. Make it count.

The only other thing I have to write about is how dang happy I get when my less actives or investigators actually come to church. I never thought I would be so excited to see people show up to church. It's crazy though how much you love the people and then you just want them to be happy and have the gospel in their lives SO BAD. It's the best though. So go to church! It makes missionaries happy and it makes the Lord happy.

We got fed chop suey every night this week and have a huge container in our fridge. I don't even know how I'm not super fat by now. We have started to ride our bikes on the coastal walkway for morning exercise cause my comp is just not in the running shape so I've had to take extreme measures. One morning I even tried to get her to ride while I ran but she said that was too embarrassing. Baby steps. We met another relative of the Falaniko family this week and we're gonna start teaching them too. Most of our investigators are related to that family, so getting them all baptized would like triple our branch. It would be so amazing.

That's all for this week. I love the work and I love the gospel. It brings more happiness than you could even imagine!!

Love you all,
Sister Machen

PS. Here's a pic of me and my comp with some of our favorite Samoan members that always make us chop suey and come out to lessons with us. They're the bomb.

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