Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 11 - Temple

Well I don't have much time today because the whole flipping world decided to email me today. Much appreciated though! But the highlight of the week was our temple trip for sure. Holy cow, I didn't realize how powerful the Spirit is. Full time missionary plus temple plus heaps of other missionaries plus your mission president all thrown together just makes everything crazy and intense. Something that the temple president told us was that the ONLY place in the world where the fulness of the Spirit can be felt is in the temple. SO DANG TRUE. It was like the best experience of my life, and that's because I took questions in with me and then they were answered within like the first 30 minutes. Record revelation time. Anyway, I encourage you all to go to the temple more. You can always go more! Some members here save up money for months for gas to drive up and then spend a week at the temple just doing session after session after session. So we can all be better about our temple attendance and we can learn something EVERY time we go if we go with questions.

Other than that, we had District Conference which is Stake Conference for branches (I didn't know it existed before this), and so President and Sister Rudd came down and they're the greatest! Sister Rudd reminds me of you mom, she asked me what she should do with her hair next (like cut and color) and I was like dang you really are my mom! And President Rudd has the same humor as Grandpa Corey and it's hilarious. But it was great and the Area seventy for the Pacific Islands is super awesome too!

In other news, AUNTY ALWYN IS SET FOR BAPTISM!!! That's Sister Inia's aunty that they've been teaching for months and she's finally accepted that she knows the gospel's true. Also, our 10 yr old investigator in the part member family is getting set this week so yay!!

Oh I'm the YW's 2nd counselor in our branch, and Sister Pagofie is the Secretary, our president doesn't always come and there's no 1st counselor, so we run Young Women's... pretty cool, slash not, cause we're super busy haha, but the girls are great!

Lastly, I'm super sad about Elder Scott passing away. He was like my second favorite apostle but also I'm super happy cause he is now reunited with his beloved Jeanine. Adorable. And this is the first time since 1906 that three new apostles will be called and sustained at once. Crazy.

That's all for this week! Stay Strong! I love you all!

Sister Machen

PS. Aaron I'm not writing you separately, but it's a small world bc apparently you are friends with my comp's cousin. Strange!

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