Wednesday, December 23, 2015



I have so much to talk about this week but so little time!

Christmas lights at the temple are like the highlight of my life. We worked again last night and were able to take an investigator on Friday. But last night I had the craziest experience! Well maybe not craziest, but a mission miracle for me at least. So I was at the end of the Visitors Center tour talking with people trying to get their info so more crazy missionaries could go knock on their door, and I was talking to this one lady who was alone. She said that she really felt something watching the videos (EVERYONE GO WATCH THE SAVIOR IS BORN VIDEOS ON MORMON.ORG) and she felt like they were telling her something. So I tried getting her info and stuff and she was like "yeah let me just find my friend and I'll come back and give you the card." Here's me like, yeah right you're not coming back" and then she left.  About 20 minutes later she comes back in asking for the "girl from Texas" and she is crying at this point. So I go over and she asks to talk to me privately.. long story short, she's in trouble and she walked to the temple (it's in the middle of farms and way far from civilization) and she didn't know why. So we got her all sorted out and talked to her and stuff and then I ask her where she lives. Here it is: SHE'S IN MY AREA. The chances of that are like less than 2% seriously. There are thousands of people that come to the lights every year and she's the first one I've met over four days that's actually in my proselyting area. So basically I was shocked and she was so happy that I would be coming over to see her. Seriously, Christmas miracles. The Lord works in wonderful ways, people.

It was my comp's bday so I went all out and made her our candy bar cake that everyone loves-success. She's awesome and so dang cute. We got home really late last night from temple lights but every single light we hit on the way home was green, even a red one turned green right in time and at that point my comp was dying laughing, "I can't beleeb it!" Never a dull moment with a filippino.

I hope every one has a very Merry Christmas! Shout out to the Savior for being born and saving us all and making life worth living. He is everything!! I love the gospel and I know it's true!

Afo atu,
Sister Machen

PS. Really, go watch the videos, they are life changing. And share them on FB ppl.

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