Thursday, December 31, 2015

Week 23 - NZHM HAKA

Kia Ora,

Well this week was the worst week in the mission, work wise... But Christmas was fantastic. Three meals later I was in some serious pain, though. I think I ate the most food I have ever eaten in my life. After all of our meals, we worked Christmas lights and could barely walk around, we were so full. #missionblessings 

We had our Mission Christmas Conference this week, though, and that was so sweet! Got to see all my old companions and everyone in the mission! The coolest part about it, though, is that we learned a haka all together and performed it for a legit camera crew. We filmed it like four times to get it right and even had the flying camera drones zooming in on our faces. So pretty legit. But that will eventually be on youtube, FB, and the internet in general, so when you watch it, don't judge me, I'm really into my Maori culture now. Yes my face is supposed to be like that... You frown to scare the enemy. But I'm front and center in a red skirt, can't miss me, I'm famous! jk. But that was sweet and like four elders ripped their pants hahaha. 

Skyping was awesome of course, and it's confirmed, I have a terrible kiwi accent. 
Also, sisters in my mission get lice all the time so shout out to Maddie Westman; I'm cracking up at your predicament cause I spent my whole first two transfers picking nits!! I never got them though, don't worry, mom. 

Well that's about it, but as the new year is approaching resolutions are coming up. 
What will you do this year to come unto Christ each and every day? It's a perfect time to think of a gift you can give to the Savior! But I know that we don't have to wait for a new year to become a new person, we can become changed and new and better every single day through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I invite you all to do so!! 

Love you heaps, This gospel changes lives!
Sister Machen

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