Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 29 - Valentine's Dayyyyy

I LOVE Jesus Christ (ft. my new skirt - thx Mom!)

Hi peeps.

Valentine's day is not even huge over here. But i still told everyone i loved them. So basically, it was a normal day anyway. This week we went on two exchanges, one with the Tongan sisters that cover all of Hamilton and don't have a car (so just a struggle) and one down in Te Awamutu. On the first one we basically just tried to cover as much ground as possible in the car so we almost visited their whole ward between the two of us but it was so fun! Then the next day we double covered the other sisters area and they had done awesome planning so we were in houses all day and doing work. So I honestly think I learn more from these exchanges than anyone and my comp just increases in her hatred for me hahhaa. JK but I did make her walk a lot and yeah we were both just super exhausted this week.

But we definitely saw miracles! We set our 14 year old investigator for baptism finally! He is actually understanding what we teach cause he mentions stuff in his closing prayers, so that's way awesome. And he really enjoyed church and the Young men were sooo welcoming. I felt like a new mom dropping her kid off at school for the first time peeking to see if the other kids were being nice haha.

Something cool- We had dinner with our family history specialist in the ward and I mentioned that I have my great great grandfather's missionary journal from when he served here in NZ. She totally freaked out and got so excited and made me ring the church history specialists in Hamilton and they ended up coming over and picking it up so they could make copies. AND they said they would try and find the family of the little girl (my great great aunt Violet) my great great grandfather adopted while he was here, so maybe I could meet them and teach them if they're not members! So that was super super cool and I reckon that's part of the reason I got called to New Zealand.

Man the church is true. The gospel has been restored. We have a living prophet today. Those are things we take for granted and people need to know! Hope every one has a great week and tries a little harder to share the gospel this week.

Sister Machen

Choc Bears from LA

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