Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Week 51 - One Year Down!

Hey family!

So first that's so crazy about missionaries in Russia!!!! Satan is working to harden peoples hearts more than ever, but the gospel will win in the end.

My new companion is Sister Mitchell from St. George Utah. Brand new, fresh out of the MTC and already so good at being a missionary! I love her soooo so much!! She's much blonder, much skinner, and talks much more like an American than me, but all that will change in time haha. Jk cause we are now dedicated to running every morning. The past week has been great, we have had really awesome lessons with a few people and just been reminded of why we are here. Sister Mitchell asked me how long I have been out and that's when I realized I hit my year mark on Saturday (what the heck) and time doesn't seem real. As we have gone around introducing my new comp to the members, I have felt such a great love for them and appreciation for them. This area is not as busy as others but the members really make it amazing!

So I've been told to share more about investigators, the one part member family that we are working with and has great prospects is Jemma and Junior with their three boys. Junior is a member from his childhood and Jemma is so onto it! They are so busy so it's been rough trying to teach actual lessons and they have only come to church once but they are the best we have at the moment and once we can get them progressing faster they will be such a great addition to the ward! Other than that we have Gabby, who is a 17 year old super busy, athletic, high schooler that is NEVER home. So pretty much it's a struggle setting up appointments and teaching her but once we do, she will be so ready for baptism!

This work is the greatest thing ever. We are ALL a part of it. A scripture that is awesome is Alma 31:34-35, every soul is precious!

Ka Kite Ano and Arohanui,
Sister Machen

Bye Sister Suk!

Hello Sister Mitchell!!

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