Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week 49 - Happy 4th!

Another week gone by. Of course I'm decked out in red, white, and blue today in honor of America, but sadly no one here seems to care. And fireworks are banned. so sad. Anyway we get to meet our new mission president this thursday for one hour haha, should be interesting! We went on exchanges and I got to go to the area across the bay where people are nearly lining up to be baptized (not really but it seemed like it). It's crazy how much you can learned/be reminded of in just 24 hours. But mostly I learned there is a balance between being focused and enjoying yourself as you do the Lord's work. I don't think you could ever work TOO hard, but just understanding that there needs to be great enthusiasm and joy paired with the hard work. Don't worry I'm very happy!

We went to yet another funeral "tangi" on the Marae and did the nose touching "hongi." I don't think I'll ever get used to pressing my nose against an old man's. And then there're those cheeky fellas that kiss you on the cheek and basically I just want to die. But it's all a beautiful culture when done properly...

Then yesterday we had a baby blessing in church and I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the plan of salvation. As one spirit left this world and one spirit entered, it hit me how short and precious this life is, and how pivotal. Our decisions DO determine our destiny. I love this gospel and I love the confidence it gives me that we can be families forever. Even though it just annoys me that you're all fit and tan in the pictures you sent, I still love you hooligans.

Have a great week!
Sister Machen

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