Sunday, July 24, 2016

Week 52 - Family History is COOL!

Kia Ora!

So this week was a super cool eye opener about how awesome family history is. So, as some may know, great-great grandpa Parley Waters served a mission here in 1894, and my dream of a mother sent his missionary journal with me to this promised land. I read some of it at the beginning of my mission but just kind of got busy. But I pulled it out again and am nearly finished reading. HE IS SO COOL. I recognize lots of places he served and even names of people he taught. And all of his service so far has been in my mission. I shared that story with some less active members and ward leaders at a scripture study this week and they were so excited! The Maori culture is all about family and knowing where you come from and everything, so having a journal from way back then is like gold. It has been such a blessing and so special to connect with my family in that way. I'm also so grateful that I don't have to walk 16 miles a day, beg for dinner at the first house I see, bathe in the river, or drink from a swamp. Missionaries today have a pampered life. Truly.

Other than that the work is moving slowly but surely. Alma 26:22 has come to mean a lot to me. As we exercise faith, repent, pray always, and serve, the Lord blesses us with greater knowledge and miracles.
I love you all! The church is true and I'm so grateful for my family's legacy of faith.

Ka kite ano,
Sister Machen

Chopped down a banana tree!

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