Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 53 - A Long One


Another great week in the promised land of New Zealand. We have been blessed with tender mercies throughout the week that are great reminders of why I want to be here and that this is exactly where I need to be. We were able to teach some youth about the Plan of Salvation as it relates to temples and family history for mutual and the nonmember girl that has been coming for a few months now is so keen! She really felt the spirit and asked how she can help her ancestors to progress and then how she should go about being baptized herself! So that was an awesome moment. Another experience we had this week was when we visited this part member family that we knew was getting kicked out of their home. When we got there just one single mom was left with her five year old son adn as we talked to her she shared a lot of crazy and sad things that she has been through in her life. Once again I was humbled to realize how blessed I have been in my life, but I also felt great hope for this young mother knowing that whatever she has been through in the past, the Lord will eventually compensate her and the gospel will absolutely bless her life. I love these expereiences!

We had interviews with our mission president and I received a lot of great peace knowing that with everything we are going through, the Lord already has a plan laid out for us. He knows what we will study, where we live, what our careers will be, etc. but He doesn't overwhelm us with all the information at once, He reveals things in His own timing that in turn is best for us. Going along with that, we had a great lesson from our Bishop this Sunday about simplifying our lives, but simplifying just means prioritizing and gi\etting rid of things that waste time so that we can replace them with important things of eternal perspective. "If what you're doing now has no eternal outcome, you're wasting your time." A mission is definitely not a waste of time!!

Also want to thank Mapleton 1st Ward for all the awesome letters and encouragment I have received over the past year! I always love getting letters from my "army" back home!! Shout out to Aaron and Amy tying the knot this Saturday, I'm so happy for you both! And happy birthday to Corey, thanks for being alive another year!

I love you all HEAPS!!
Sister Machen

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