Sunday, August 21, 2016

Week 56 - I Love Eliza MacCartney


Well this week has been sunny and beautiful so my attitude has taken an alarming turn for the better. Amazing what the sun can do for you. So in relation to my subject line, Eliza is the New Zealand pole vaulter that got bronze a few days ago and is now my new hero. Pretty much she is all anyone talks about here because it was such a surprise medal and anyone who knows I pole vault is just SO excited to talk about it haha.

Besides that, it was a pretty normal week! We had Stake Conference and our nonmember choir was asked to sing in the adult session on Saturday night and it was so awesome because all those nonmembers were pretty much forced to listen to the talks in between our singing. Awesome. The spirit was so strong as we sang "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul" in Maori. What an awesome language. Seriously. So that was probably the highlight! We also got to help with New Beginnings in our ward because one of our investigators came!

In the way of transfers, I will most likely be staying here in the blessed land of Tauranga another 6 weeks, and I will be receiving a new companion! I will miss Sister Mitchell and have learned SO MUCH the past few weeks.

One thing in particular stood out to me as I was reading D&C 105, mostly about being unified as a companionship, as a family, as a ward, a stake, and as a church as a whole. The only way we can succeed is if we build our lives, wards, the church, on celestial laws. Only in the Lord's way can we succeed in our endeavors! So may we ever be more unified in our duty to God, in our callings in the church, and in our efforts to support one another.

Love you all,
Sister Machen
Choir Girls

With our Ward Mission Leader and his Wife

New Beginnings - Smallest YW group ever!

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  1. She is such a great sister.
    Glad to be finally mentioned lol.
    I'm the ward mission leader in otumoetai.
    This week has been a great learning for sister Machen and her companion sister Mitchell.

    Going to miss sister Mitchell.