Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week 57 - new transfer, same place

Kia Ora.

Well I have been blessed to stay here in Tauranga for another six weeks, just as I anticipated. My new companion is Sister Kendall!!! She's from Australia but she's part Samoan. I was soooo excited when I heard because we served in Hamilton together and she was just companions with my baby, Sister Taylor! So I knew we were gonna get along great and have heaps of fun and I was right! Seriously, I love her. The first night she was here we chased a guy down in the rain at 8:57 at night just to find out he was really urgently looking for Pokemons... It was awesome but sadly he was not interested.

This past week has been crazy, I was with some other sisters for like three days in their area (which is pumping) but I missed my area so much! I really love the people that I serve and I know that I am where I am for a mighty purpose. We got to experience a full on Tangi this week. Our relief society counselor's young son passed away suddenly so the whole ward and most of investigators were at the marae for four days helping and supporting her and her family. We went a lot because everyone we visit was already there and it was actually a really great finding opportunity. I was able give a prayer for a service one night and I honestly have never been so nervous to say a prayer in my life! All these nonmember Maori people mourning their family and this white girl is giving the prayer, in their marae, in front of all the koumatuas (elders of the marae). Anyway it's hard to explain but the traditions are really cool and I learned so much! Just glad they didn't kick me out haha.

I learn so much everyday and feel the spirit so often it's incredible. I am so grateful for my understanding of a loving Heavenly Father's plan of happiness. We will see our loved ones again and we can have so much more joy in this life if we follow his commandments. I'm so grateful. The church is true. Ka Kite.

Sister Machen

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