Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 58 - Earthquake?

On Sunday, September 4, 2016 6:33 PM, Elise Machen <> wrote:

Hey hey hey!

This week we had some cool miracles happen! Well first another funeral happened. It was the brother of one of our members, who was actually a returning less-active back in my last area in Hamilton so I knew him! It was such a surprise to realize who he was and connect the dots but it's a small world, especially in the church! But we were asked to attend the service and basically mingle with the family (some less active, some nonmembers). It was really cool and the spirit is just so strong when members testify about the plan of salvation and the grace of our Saviour to their mourning family. We were also able to bring the spirit through song and of course that was a powerful moment for the spirit to touch hearts. So after all that, we went out to contact a referral we had received from some people there and it took us to a bunch of homes by the other Marae, with no addresses.. So we had to walk around asking people about this man we were trying to find and as we did, we had unplanned opportunities to talk with people and one in particular recognized us from the funeral, we had no idea who he was, but he remembered us! So we were able to share more about the Plan of salvation and plan to begin teaching him! I have a feeling a lot more instances like that will be happening as the hearts of the people are softened by the Lord!
Another lady we have been trying to teach was also there at the funeral and when we went by later in the week she told us she had begun to read the Book of Mormon (finally!) and asked of we could pray to help her understand it better. Anyway, there are lots more tender mercies and little miracles happening  here but honestly it's all a blur.

Sister Machen

PS. The earthquake was about 5 hours south of me but people here felt it, I slept through it sadly so I have no idea what it was like. We had a tsunami warning and President told us to stay away from the beach but jokes because we live 2 minutes from the beach. But we only got a bit of rain and that was it!

Attempting pole vault drills on a fraying rope by a waterfall

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