Sunday, August 21, 2016

Week 55 -

Kia Ora,

This week we taught a lady from Turkey who pretty much believes in Relativism and that we're all good people so we don't need Christ (WRONG). We had to drop a few people that are just not progressing and are eating up precious time. We helped another lady move, chopped fire wood for days (yes, sisters can chop wood), and taught numberless less-actives.

One less active in particular called us up after being missing in action for like a month. She told us where she has been staying, asked us to come over and asked for a ride to church. So we went over and just listened to all this crazy stuff that has been going on and she was able to find her own solutions to her problems without us really saying anything. It's awesome when people apply things and then see them work out for their good. Anyway the next day we went around to make sure she was awake for her ride to church. She wasn't and she said she was too sick but we were able to help her see why church was important for her to get back on the right path. I don't really know the end to this story yet but she came to church and she's excited for a FHE tonight so hopefully the little things pay off!

Not much else is happening but we're working hard with the ward to get them more involved in missionary work and were able to do some role plays in ward council with the auxiliaries so that was pretty awesome. Anyway, the Lord has His own timing and we just have to TRUST! The church is true, the work is moving, and Heavenly Father is aware of each of us!

Sister Machen

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