Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Week 72 - Dec. 18, 2016 - Merry Christmasssss

Sister Soane and ME! (Thanks, Mom)

Kia Ora Fam,

So, just a run down of the past two weeks, Theresa was baptized! She's so funny but the pictures are attached. It was really cool and the spirit was so strong when the actual ordinance was being performed. Such a sweet spirit.

The power cut had everyone panicking, we had another one yesterday for five hours so church was delayed until 3 and like no one showed up so that was weird. But we still had our investigators there and a miracle happened! So we went out for rescue night on Thursday and decided to do some Christmas caroling in honor of the Light the World campaign, we went to some less actives and some of our investigators and they LOVED it! Apparently caroling doesn't really happen around here. But everyone we went caroling to, came to church on Sunday!! That's the beauty of song. And one family of nine came and brought some of their nonmember family. So miracles! We sang at rest homes and special needs centers and everyone we sang to was so happy. So this week I encourage you all to go caroling. (Dad just don't take your trumpet, or the chimes mom).

Other miracles happened on Saturday when we contacted heaps of former investigators and found many prepared souls. One pretty keen girl was moving out just as we pulled up and if we hadn't gone right then, she would have been lost for a lot longer. Heavenly Father works in marvelous ways. Hope you all continue to Light the World this last week leading up to Christmas and do as much good as possible! The season is all about Christ our Savior. Not the presents or the chocolate, but about worshipping the Son of God. He Lives!!


Sister Machen

The fun we have been having... good thing I brushed!

Our star fellow shippers who are both leaving to serve:(


Olaf the sandman

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