Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Week 76 - Jan. 15, 2017 - Too Hot to Function

Tolaga Bay - Longest Wharf in the Southern Hemisphere

Hey fam.

This week was sooo hot. I don't know why but everything requires so much more strength when it's hot. But I like the heat more than the cold so it was alright. We had miracles this week!! We have been teaching this lady, Rhonda, for months and months with very slow progress. She has some memory loss problems that make it hard for her to remember the lessons. But we got her a BOM story book and she is more than halfway done, and she is remembering things and she shared that she is feeling really good lately and she has finally decided to fully keep the word of wisdom. She has been so much happier since she has decided to stop. It was good for me to see that the gospel truly is for everyone, that it can change anyone who lets it in.

Had a powerful lesson on families and temples with a PM family that I just LOVE and were able to set a date for their baptism. Man the spirit was so strong. Families are eternal. I was also able to go on exchanges to the other ward with a Canadian sister and that was fuuun! I gained a great love for my own area haha, but we were able to see great things happen for them by following the spirit! The last thing was my epiphany yesterday about life. "The easiest way to live is the gospel." Wise words to ponder this week!

I love you all and hope you are living to your fullest potential in the gospel.
Ofa lahi atu!

These pics are from Tolaga Bay last pday, the longest wharf in the southern hemisphere (600 meters).

Wanted to jump off so bad. One day.

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