Sunday, January 17, 2016

Week 25 - Six Months!

 Rain Forces Ponytails

Kia Ora,

The word of the week is diligence.... We lost car privileges for two days (my bad) and of course it was the day we practically had a typhoon (my comp's words) and the next day of ridiculous heat and humidity. SO GRATEFUL for a car. And even though the weather sucked and we struggled to ride our bikes, I learned that diligence through trials brings so many blessings! But just some details, my umbrella got thrashed in the first five minutes, my comp wanted to change like four times, NO ONE is smart enough to be out walking in that weather so therefore no one to talk to, and mosquitoes go hyper active or something so now I have like 40 bites but it's okay cause BLESSINGS! People let us in easier to get out of the rain and more people were actually home, so we got to have a couple good lessons.

Also shout out to the best track team eva for the belated Christmas package!!!!! The taco seasoning is my personal fav.

We had a dinner with a single member lady and she is super health conscious, like super so we basically ate everything out of her garden and some very bony fish. Afterwards Sister Urgel's stomach was hurting really bad and so of course she does the only logical thing and eats like 15 pieces of chocolate. Miracle of miracles she is healed!

I don't have much else from the week except I learned that the most unlikely people can be interested in the gospel, you just have to try! So if there are people you haven't invited to learn about the gospel, DO IT. You never know who might need it, and the gospel is for everyone. Seriously.

Transfers are this week but we still don't have news, I'm probably staying and Sister Urgel could be leaving but either way we'll be all good! They changed transfers though so no more meeting up at a chapel together, you just take your bags on the bus and go straight to your new area... weird. That means a lot of sisters will have to get rid of stuff cause there are limits on luggage, haha suckas!

That's all, have a great week and read and pray everyday! Love yousssss.

Sister Machen

My comp having a blast (literally)

                                  JALAPENOS??? IN NZ??? S/O to EP

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