Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 26 - I'M A MOM!

Kia ora,

So I'm training the only new sister that came to the mission! She's from Phoenix Arizona and spent the last year and a half at UVU, BUT she's full Mexican and grew up in Casas Grandes till she was 9. So basically we are bffs now. Her first language is Spanish so I have completely thrown her into the fire and taken her to all the Colombian families in our area. And she killed it! She doesn't even need to be trained. Honest. So after a gun lesson with one family (me being silent) we committed them to come to church and 4 came! So then she translated all of sacrament meeting for them and then taught gospel principles in Spanish just for them. I didn't say anything hahaha. There are two brothers in our ward that served Spanish speaking so they helped but she did most of it. I'm so proud of her and so excited for this transfer! Crazy how the Lord works to put you places and with certain people for a reason. I think I need her more than she needs me to be honest haha but it's great. Other than that, we had a great week, still a little dead around the university but people are slowly coming back from holidays! Also the NZ sun is apparently really strong... so I'm constantly burned and my hair is way blonde. Just a fun fact.

The church is true, I love the prophet and the apostles with all mi corazon. lol. But yeah. Great hopes for the coming weeks!

Oh, and I now look after the sisters in all 4 zones of Hamilton, so exchanges will be fun and interesting! The mission is the bomb.

Sister Machen

SISTER TAYLOR-She looks slightly like Tatiana Abbas for those who know her.... 

At the temple/VC with our two Fijian investigators and some YSA!!! I <3 the temple

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