Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 27 - Another One Down

Hello Hello,

This week was weird, so many meetings! We had MLC at President's house and the best part about it was definitely the food. We have a mission cook. Basically my favorite lady ever. Then we had Zone meeting on Thursday and it was extra long cause we had to watch a 2 hour broadcast from Salt Lake to all the missionaries in the world. Pretty cool but so long! And I can sum it up in one line- Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts. That's what we do as missionaries! So having that has been great and really helped us focus on simplifying and just going back to the basics of missionary work.

Then I had to give a training to the zone on stuff from MLC and of course, just my luck, the APs decided to come to ours and there's me sweating even more than usual. Seriously I am melting right now in this heat. It is SO HUMID.  But at least I no longer cry every time I bear my testimony so that was a plus hahaha. Basically, as STL, I just go on exchanges with sisters and have comp studies with them blah blah blah. It's pretty basic. I'm hoping president gives me permission to go on an exchange with some sisters in Coromandel, which is a peninsula like three hours away through a windy gorge... but I heard its GORGEOUS. So, crossing my fingers on that one...

I can't really think of much else, the work is still slower than I would like and we still don't have a solid set for baptism, which is really rare for this area so the pressure is on a bit. But I know if we keep being obedient and following the counsel of our leaders, miracles will come. My comp is so awesome, we're like the same person. She almost cried when I told her there are no hot cheetos here hahaha. Love her.

The church is true, the gospel is the way!

Sister Machen

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