Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 32 - Still in Hamilton East Ward!

Another greaaaat week. Our baptism got pushed to this Saturday with two other ones so we've got a triple header happening on Saturday! The stress is real. But it's a good stress obvi. Nikki's son got blessed in church yesterday and her whole family came so that was super awesome! They are all planning on coming to her baptism as well so we're looking forward to more missionary opportunities there. One concern with our baptisms is just that the support from home and family hasn't really been there. It's hard to join the church by yourself let alone having your whole family basically make fun of you for it. So that's where the ward comes in and I have become SO appreciative to the ward members who really reach out and fellowship these people trying to do what is right. But we need everyone on board. Seriously. 

We had MLC this week and Zone Meeting and I lucked out this time because the STL for the Visitors Center is in our Zone this transfer so we did a training together about working with members. SO from a missionary's perspective, feeding the missionaries doesn't actually mean feeding them.... We get plenty of money to survive! Feeding the missionaries is a great opportunity for members to invite less active or nonmember friends or relatives so the missionaries can uplift them. Even if they don't want the discussions those people will realize that we missionaries are real people too, and we just have a great message to share. Anyway that will do for my soap box about member missionary work!

As per Mom's request, here's an outline of my day: 
Wake up at 6:30, attempt to exercise but fail miserably. 
Study from 8-11 (extra hour for training hallelujah)
Visit potential investigators, investigators, less actives or members until 9 pm
Eat with members everyday at 5 except mondays and wednesdays
Um basically the same thing everyday...
Pretty standard. We usually have about 3 set appointments everyday on average so that's actually super great. And most of our investigators are single uni students cause we literally live two min from the biggest university in New Zealand. But we have a chinese family that we set for baptism yesterday!!! I love them so much. They are so humble and sincere! They knew nothing at all about Jesus or Heavenly Father but every time they pray they thank God for sending "angels from America" to teach them. Talk about golden investigators. 
Also a thing funny.. we have a stalker haha. Some Fijian Indian guy that calls our phone all the time. But he thinks my name is Sister Chechan sooo we're all good and the Lord protects right?? Right. 

Well that's about it! I challenge each of you to pray about and prepare someone for the missionaries to teach within the next 3 months... Even though you live in Utah it's still possible:)

Much Love,
Sister Machen

Giant Sunflower


NZ Temple Visitors Center, bc why not? (Nikki is on the left, next to Sis. Taylor)

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