Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 33 - BAPTISMS!!!!


We had interviews with President Rudd on Thursday, which were great. He is truly inspired. And super funny. So that was a good time. Then we had all three baptisms happen on Saturday!!!! What an insane day but so full of the spirit! The first one was at 10 and that was the little Kiribati girls, Levinna and Rabi. They were so excited! Sad story about that baptism: we were supposed to sing a musical number with the Elders but we hadn't really practiced or anything so we were just gonna sing "I am a child of God," usually good, but last minute, the Elders walked out of the room to go check the font and then like 30 seconds later it's our turn to sing! So Sister Taylor and I just went up and started singing... acappella.... if you can only imagine. It was the worst singing I had ever heard and it was coming from my own mouth. The Elders walked back in half way through the song and were heavily growled afterward by our ward mission leader hahaha. Also I ended up having to play the piano for two of the baptisms and let me just say, I might be tad rusty... Wishing I had practiced more before coming out (yes mom, I really admitted it).

So then the next baptism was Nikki at 12 and that one was soooo good! Her whole family came!!! The YW sang a musical number so no disasters there, and she asked sister Taylor and me to speak so that was a really awesome opportunity. Definitely felt how ready she was. That one was followed directly after by a ward swim party, so everyone went over there afterwards. Man I have never been so tempted to swim in my life. I miss swimming!

The last baptism was at 6:30pm and that was Isaiah. His whole family came as well. His mom is currently less active but she just kept saying how crazy this all was 'cause she got baptized in the very same chapel in March when she was 14 and now her son was getting baptized under the same circumstances. Pretty cool. All the YM showed up for that one and were super welcoming!
Then yesterday they were all confirmed and the ward was again so welcoming. I love this ward!!

The church is true!!!! We are here to bring others unto Christ through baptism. I am so grateful for these saving ordinances and for the priesthood which makes them available to us.
Hope everyone has a great week!

Sister Machen

Rabi and Levinna




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