Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week 38 - Hi Family!


Well transfers are this week and we haven't gotten news yet but I will probably leaving the area in my very capable, trainee's hands. Some awesome mission miracles: Sister Taylor's brother got baptized last week back in Toluca Mexico (shout out to Aaron), and her other two siblings are going to be baptized this coming weekend and her mom is even progressing towards baptism!! So she is pretty much ecstatic and I have gained an even stronger testimony that the Lord takes care of our family while you are away serving Him. So I hope my family can recognize those blessings!

Well our Chinese family is going great, they are so excited for their baptism! Sadly I will probably miss it but its about them not me. Golden family. We taught Frank about the priesthood and how much he will be able to bless his family by being worthy to have it and exercising it properly. He was SO excited and kept asking how can he get it and when can he get it. Man it was a testimony builder to me of how special our message is, especially of the restoration of the Priesthood. I love it!

Another miracle this week was that we got a referral from the Visitors Centre and they said that this Brazilian couple would be coming to our ward on Sunday (we didn't believe it), but sure enough they showed up and were SO interested! We have been praying for weeks for new investigators with no success and then finally the Lord just drops them in our lap. So awesome. Anyway thats about it for the week, the gospel is true and missionary work is the best!

Sister Machen

Hamilton East missionaries with The Captain (best WML ever)

Sister Taylor and Me at HAMILTON GARDENS

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