Tuesday, April 5, 2016



This week was seriously a blur. I can only remember the temple trip! Of course. I LOVE THE TEMPLE. It's absolutely the House of the Lord. I think most of all I just felt the love of my Savior for me and for the people I'm working with. Every soul is precious. Even when we don't feel good enough, we are loved. Got to see heaps of great missionaries there and then some who weren't able to go and that really opened my eyes. Even though we are full time missionaries we are still very susceptible to the attacks of the adversary. Everyday is a battle and we need our spiritual armor! (I've been studying Alma a lot lately.) When we put our trust in the Lord and do our part by keeping covenants, we are promised protection and strength. The gospel is so simple and perfect!

I watched the Women's session of conference and that was super awesome but I have to wait another week for the rest of it and I'm dying cause everyone else in the whole flippin' world has seen it. But patience.

Tender mercy this week was one of our recent converts inviting us over for homemade pizza and surprising us with a can of Dr. Pepper each hahaha. It's like 3 dollars a can here and you can almost never find it! But it was a great week! The gospel is the only way to true happiness! IT'S TRUE.

Sister Machen

Temple Trip with Sister Taylor!

Saying bye to our favorite English senior couple, the Saunders (they do the mission FB page & more)

Dr. Pepper!!

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