Saturday, June 4, 2016

Week 43 - I just wrote! (5/22/16)

Kiaora Kiaora.

I feel like I was just writing you people. So there's nothing to say...
Just kidding!

This week we were just pretty run down, working hard and not really seeing anything happen. But we went to one of our dinner appointments with a member and about two minutes after we walked in they introduced us to their 17 year old daughter and said, "she's not baptized" and basically said they wanted her to be. But it was crazy cause I though this family was fully active and whatnot but after talking with them they had been inactive for 15 years and barely came back to church about 3 months ago and so 2 of their daughters are not members. Coolest member referral ever. Doesn't sound that cool writing it, but it was. Sister Suk and I started screaming the second we got into the car hahahaha.

Seriously the struggle has been real trying to find anyone that wants to listen to us.
Another cool thing is this Tongan man that has been investigating for ages has finally started to study the Book of Mormon. He wouldn't even let us give him one about 4 months ago and now he is studying it full on everyday and knows way more than his member wife! Miracles of fasting on that one.

That's about it but I truly am grateful for fasting because that is how we have received the blessings we've seen lately. "Put the Lord first and all other things fall into place or drop out of your lives."
Its true!

Lots of love,
Sister Machen

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