Saturday, June 4, 2016

Week 44 - It's almost JUNE!

Well well, what a week.

We had exchanges this week and I stayed in my area with Sister Havea. I just love her! She actually goes home tomorrow so it was her last exchange EVER. I was so honored. But we did work and miracles happen on exchanges. I testify. People who are never home, or always busy, were home and INVITED US IN. We had a really cool lesson with a girl named Courtney. She's a single mom of two girls and had been taught the restoration like a year ago but didn't think much of it. We shared that God is our loving Heavenly Father and He hears our prayers. She felt the spirit way strong and by the end of the lesson she was asking us how to pray and telling us she was really excited to try it. Such a simple truth that we often over look. We are literally children of God!

The elders had a baptism on Saturday for a lady that had been coming to church for like 9 years but had never been baptized! Crazy. I was reminded how important baptism is, it truly is the gate to all the other blessings! Also, Alex and Sarah, the awesome Brazilian couple from my last area got baptized!!  President Rudd called me saying they had written a letter requesting for me to come back for the baptism but he said it was too far... SAD. But I am sooo happy for them!!

Lastly, I have learned a lot about my weaknesses this week. It seems the longer I'm out here, the longer my list of weaknesses gets. It's a beautiful paradox. I am grateful to know that we can change those weaknesses into strengths through our Savior Jesus Christ, and we can change the moment we decide to. See 2 Cor 12:9-10.

Transfers are this Thursday but we won't know anything for another day. I'll be staying here though that's for sure! This work is the greatest work ever. There are people prepared, and we all have the responsibility to find them:)

Sister Machen

Beaches in the winter are still cool.

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