Sunday, December 4, 2016

Week 62 - Oct. 2, 2016

Just Chillin' in Paradise

Heller heller (read in an Australian accent),

Well this week will be transfers but President likes to wait til the very last minute to tell us what's happening so you'll know if I'm here again or gone next week! But Sister Kendal only has 6 weeks left of her mission so if I stay I'll have stayed here for a total of 9 months... I don't know how I feel about that prospect haha. But this week was awesome!! We met with our investigator Katie for the second time and she was so excited to see us (rare) and it was just such a cool experience. There is such a difference between the sincere seekers of truth and people who just want to waste the Lord's time. And she also let us make noise on her drums which was cool.

The only session of conference I've seen is the women's session and it was AWESOME. Like most of my questions were already answered so I'll have to come up with some more for the rest of conference. I just love the gospel. I felt such an urgency from our leaders to have a better understanding of the doctrine of Christ and be bold in standing up for our beliefs. It is no longer the time to sit idly by, we must speak up and speak out!!

I played the piano in sacrament yesterday and came up with a bomb analogy for my terrible playing. If we only go to our piano lessons once a week with no practicing in between, we will make very slow progress if any. Just like the gospel, if we only go to church on Sunday but never put into practice the gospel throughout the week (ie. scripture study, prayer, home and visiting teaching, service, temple worship) then it will benefit us but little. The genius of this gospel is the personal application EVERYDAY. That's the key people. I love it. I know it's true.
I love you all!

Sister Machen

The District

That one time I actually won at bowling

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