Sunday, December 4, 2016

Week 68 - Nov. 20, 2016 Transfers!

Kitten that is named after me! (The owner described her as feisty.. s/o to my brothers haha)
Malo e Lelei!

Sooo yes I got a new companion! Sister Lavaka got transferred to South Auckland (tears) and I received Sister Soane (another Tongan). She came out with Sis Lavaka so it's like the same exact thing! Not really... But she is awesome and we get along great and miracles happen everyday.
Pretty much the only thing I can think of is how much I hate fleas. We got invaded and now I am constantly itchy and annoyed haha. But I think they will soon all be gone... The worst. Ever.

A recently returned missionary spoke in church yesterday about the many ways the gospel fulfills its purpose of bringing happiness to each of our lives. It was really powerful and you can tell this sister was truly changed by her mission. Even 4 weeks after getting home she is the same as when she first stepped off the plane. I understand more now how each spiritual experience we have or each moment the holy ghost touches our hearts is one that should add to our testimony and should be remembered with gratitude. That if we forget our experiences then our faith and testimony will weaken. As we keep our baptismal covenant to always remember the Savior we will never go astray. Well that's it. Hope you all are continually treasuring up the words of eternal life!!

Ka kite and ofa atu!
Sister Machen

I heart NZ

Sister Lavaka's last supper

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