Sunday, December 4, 2016

Week 66 - Nov. 6, 2016 Miracles Galore

P-days at the beach!


This week was so cool! We were like running from appointment to appointment. And then a miracle happened! So we have a Book of Mormon class every week and one of our recent converts brought her friend that had just moved in. He loved the class! SO we went to follow up a few days later and he opened the door and asked, "how do I become a member of your church?" (internal tears of joy). So we went in and taught him a first lesson with his member friend. He came to church on Sunday and BORE HIS TESTIMONY(his member friend was so scared of what he would say haha). Then after church we took a recently returned missionary sister to a lesson with him. It turned out to be one of the most powerful lessons I have been a part of. My companion has pretty broken English, but she recited the first vision perfectly and clearly and the spirit was palpable. The room was so silent. It was amazing! And so as he accepted a date for baptism, he turned to his friend and exclaimed, "YES!" with a fist pump. I've never seen someone so excited to be baptized so early on and it was definitely an experience to remember. Anyway, other than that there were many miracles that I can't even count. Our golden investigator, Mama, found out she won't be baptized for 6 more months, but it didn't stop her faith. She is already fellow shipping our other investigators and teaching her nonmember friends. Gisborne is the golden area. I love being a missionary and seeing wonderful changes take place in people's lives.

One last fun story, we went to lunch at a Tongan family's home in our ward and we had two big roasted pigs... Sadly I was given the chair right next next to where the pigs were being carved and got covered in blood and guts when the dad chopped the pig head off with the machete. Pretty gross. But the pork was delicious.

Have a great week, love you all!
Sister Machen

I ironed my companions hair... 

The District

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