Sunday, December 4, 2016

Week 70 - Dec. 4, 2016 Don't Forget to EAT!

Sister Soane and Me loving the beach
Hello family!!

This week was interesting, I truly gained a testimony of the word of wisdom... The part about eating healthy haha. We only had two meals with members this week and were left up to ourselves the rest of the days. Usually we can get by on cereal and other quick foods but this week my energy was draining fast, then coming into fast Sunday without a proper meal the night before, I thought I was actually going to die. I was grumpy at church, impatient, and tired... aka hangry. I pretty much knew the reason behind my sour attitude but I couldn't (or wouldn't) change it until 5pm when I ate dinner. So when the time hit five, I put on a mean feed for my companion and myself. Pretty much the best meal I have ever cooked in my life and it was healthy too. The rest of the evening I was cheerful, enthusiastic and felt like the world was put right. Therefore, the word of wisdom. It's not just about staying away from bad things, but fueling your body with good things.

That's basically the most interesting thing that happened this week (it was a slow week), besides zone conference! We got taught about making decisions by the spirit and better following promptings, as well as sifting and sorting through God's eternal truths and Satan's lies. Satan wants us to believe we aren't good enough, we can't do it, it's okay to judge people, and other negative things that stop us from progressing. We need to focus on what is true from Heavenly Father, and then we will be better prepared to face the world's trials and temptations.

ALSO, the Christmas thing (#LighttheWorld) is awesome so I hope all of you are participating and sharing it all over social media and getting your friends to go to!!!

Ko ilo oku mo'oni a siasi! OFA LAHI ATU!

Sister Machen

Gisborne Zone!

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