Sunday, December 4, 2016

Week 69 - Nov. 27, 2016 Thanksgiving and Earthquakes

The newest hooligans
Malo e Lelei!

Well this week was not all about Thanksgiving. I made some pumpkin bars from a mix I got sent in a package from our ward (shout out to Mapleton 1st!). So I shared that with my district but the islanders all thought they were weird and gross and pumpkin should only be a vegetable haha. For thanksgiving I decided to have a feast... so I got a five dollar meal from KFC and was satisfied!

In other news, there was another earthquake here, and I FELT IT! It was crazy. We were sitting in someone's house and the lights were swinging and it was so strange. The locals keep saying that there is a big one coming really soon and probably a tsunami to follow. Yikes! Good thing the Lord protects His servants. It has been SO hot this week, we saw a house fire, and decided to eat lunch on the beach.

The highlight of the week has probably been working with our investigator, Theresa. She walks to church every Sunday, walks to BoM class, walks to sports night, walked to a baptism on Saturday. She carries her BoM everywhere, even into town when she goes shopping. She is so cool! One of those that does everything herself and just needs us to teach her the lessons. But I have learned a big lesson in humility from her. Despite having barely anything, she has the greatest faith in the Lord's promises. She has lost 8 children and is still so positive and excited for the day when she can have them all back. She not only believes in Christ, she BELIEVES Him. She knows the blessings WILL come if she is faithful. Love that lady.

Well as December 1st is just around the corner, I invite all of you to go to and watch the Light the World message and DO IT! Everyday until Christmas you can be a light in some way. The 25 day challenge is on! Have a great week!

Ofa Atu!
Sister Machen

Happy days on the beach, summer is here!!

Crazy house fire

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